Full Stack Developer that loves all things Javascript, Python, Java, and more. They hate typing in third person

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World Trivia

Fun little HQ Trivia bot that has a live website and utilizes both crowdsource and google in order to fetch answers. Uses Machine Learning to learn from previous questions, and accuracy improves over time. HQ made me take this down :(


Developer at FilingFindings - a company that seeks to save you time by reading SEC filings for you! More details coming soon :D

An open source no nonsense link shortener. No ads, and a nice short domain. Get almost any vanity you want! Perfect for sharing long links, and sending links from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

Taco Uptime

A quick and easy way to keep your Glitch/ projects awake and get email notifications when your sites are down! No sign up required :D Made this because I got sick of all the paid services that charge money for something so simple and make you create an account.


Owner/developer working on an autocheckout extension that checks out at blazing fast speeds on sites such as Shopify, Stripe, and even Supreme. Contact me if you're interested in a groupbuy.

Discord Tools

Created Jigged Essentials and many other "discord tools" products. Comes with a link opener (that works on embeds), server joiner, nitro claimer, and proper ban protection.


A GPA Calculator built specifically for EB schools. 100% accurate. Will likely be open sourced in the future, but it's a simple static webpage (logic done client side). You can add unlimited courses, and the UI adapts to any device :)

A quick, easy, elegant, and open source (of course) tool that allows you to easily compare snowflakes provided by discord and extract milisecond precise timestamps. (and compare them). Co created with @xsmuke


An open source product that will allow you to grab all the information about a word from public APIs! Useful for defining a large list of words and auto completing a quizlet flashcard list (coming soon)

Instacart Monitor

Open source tool created during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic :D. Uses the secret instacart API to monitor for when delivery is avaliable. When I made this, delivery was impossible to get.


Tweets the difference in coronavirus stats every hour! Track changes in cases, deaths and more. It scrapes the data from worldometer, a reliable source of coronavirus data.

Shopify ATC Generator

Open source discord bot that finds shopify variants and generates add to cart links automatically. Also gathers info about the item such as weight and price. All you need to do is provide it the link to the item!

Gmail Jigger

Open source discord bot that generates infinite gmail addresses using the ., capitalization, and + tricks! All addresses will be sent to just one gmail, making this very useful for certain tasks ;)

Screenshot Bot

Open source discord bot that gets you a scrolling screenshot of anywebpage using a headless browser! You can even inject cookies and have it log into any site, and it also solves captchas automatically using 2captcha!


Simple open source discord points tracker. Tally points for each discord user in your server! Simple way to keep track of things, and a great project to fork for beginners.

Mirror Bot

Open source discord bot that logs into 2 accounts and forwards messages from one channel to another. Forwards attatchments and embeds as well. Useful for sneaker checkout logs!

Twitter Pewdiepie Bot

Open source twitter bot that retweets pewdiepie tweets with a positive sentiment, and periodically tweets the subgap between pewdiepie and tseries. I coded this on my iphone using glitch because I was bored at some event

This website

The website you're reading right now can be found on my github! It's just a static site built using plain HTML/CSS/JS + Jquery

NJ Covid Scraper

I figured out how the backend to the new jersey covid dashboard works, and this script grabs data from it! Can be used for many applications such as a discord/twitter bot, data collection, and more.

Yoga 720 Hackintosh

$500 off ebay for an i7, 16gb ram, 1TB NVME SSD, 4K Screen laptop running macOS Mojave. Nuff' said.